Rancho La Tinaja
Dear hunting fans, We started the Wild Turkey's seasson (Gould), Reserve NOW !!


We are a Mexican Organization legally constituted by the SEMARNAT (Mexican Ministery of Environtment) where we are managing the upbringing of DEER WHITETAIL, ELK, WILD TURKEY (GOULD) and we feel committed with the nature, we have more than 30 years working in the conservation and reproduction of wild fauna maintaining a habitat under good conditions benefiting this way to an environment that benefits a lot of fauna of the place, also managing closely bovine livestock in 13 herdsmen with spikes and stone in its 5,313 acres, where the fauna of the ranch does not compete for food and have distributed its troughs and borders well planned in the ranch.


The RANCHO LA TINAJA is located in the Sierra Fria to 8,268 Ft. up on the level of the sea in the State of Aguascalientes, the vegetation is of encino, camomile, pine, palm, nopal, arbutus and different types of grasses. We are 90 min. from Aguascalientes City, where is the International Airport "Jesus Teran". We have a cabin where you will feel like home, we have services of solar light, warm water and comfortable rooms.



The Sierra Fria is between the towns of San Jose de Gracia and Jesus Maria in Aguascalientes State, its localization is NW in the part from the State to an altitude of 8,268 Ft. on the level of the sea, the classification of the floor is: Xerosol, Latosol, Planosol, Gizem, Cambisol, among others.



The Sierra Fria´s structure highway it is composed in the following way: The north federal highway # 45 that it connects with the state highway #16, it goes to San Jose de Gracia town and from there to Congoja Town.

In Aguascalientes is the International Airport "Jesus Teran" to 90 min. from RANCHO LA TINAJA, Zacatecas City is 90 min. far away, and its international airport is 120 mins.

From Aguascalientes International Airport, departure direct flights* to Mexico City, Can Cun, Q.R., Houston, Tx., Tijuana, B.C.N., Dallas, Tx., Monterrey, N.L., Los Angeles, Ca., among many other flight connections.

* Flights can change, it depends of the airlines.


The Sierra Fria has big forest portions, the vegetation is abundant in the one that prevails: encino forests and pine, pasture, chaparral subtropical heath.

The most common animals are: Deer whitetail, Puma, Coyote, Boar, Fox, Wild Turkey, Cat Mounts and a great variety of birds.


It is the Western Sierra Madre area the one that describes the orography of the region, there are 2 their very defined characteristics: the uneven relief area that is the western part in the periphery and that it is represented by the solid of the Sierra Fria, and the other one is constituted by temperate areas.


The predominant climate is cold, the hottest months are after April, the temperature average is of 16° C. the maximum temperatures they register are in June and July, and the minimum ones from December to February.